Here’s what just a few of our clients are saying about their experience with CampusFeedback:

Campus Feedback enabled the University of New Hampshire to ensure that our brand and key positioning themes were not just making their way into our recruitment literature, but were also deeply embedded in the campus visit experience for prospective students. The data and reports gave confidence to our leadership that our messaging was on point.

In the world of Higher Ed, things change quickly and we’re accustomed to crafting our processes with the customer in mind. We also need to be intentional about asking students and parents about those processes along the way. CampusFeedback has allowed us an authentic opportunity to really look into our campus visits program and find out what we’re doing well and where we have room to improve. My team comes away from our shops enthusiastic about the feedback and ready to contribute new ideas for change or simply continue to champion each other on their work. We’re grateful for our partnership with CampusFeedback that’s allowed us the time and attention we need to carry out our programs well.

Lafayette College

The interactions that visitors have on college campuses are becoming more and more important in their decision-making process.  As a Campus Visitation professional I have been looking for a way to gather third-party information about our campus visit experience that does not come from the perspective of trying to sell us “the solution.”  CampusFeedback has been the perfect tool for us.  The CampusFeedback team is focused on collecting data and anecdotes from secret visitors and providing them to us in a way that helps us identify the strengths and areas for improvement in our campus visit experience.  The most important part of this partnership is that CampusFeedback allows our team to be the experts in Campus Visitation.  We choose the areas that we want them to focus on, and they deliver data that helps us drive our program.  We look forward to growing this relationship and continuing to use CampusFeedback to make sure that we are providing the highest level of service to our visitors.

Campus Feedback’s team has provided exceptional support over the last year. Brown signed on with Campus Feedback to assist in establishing a clear understanding of our overall visit experience from the initial phone call to web registration, navigating the campus while visiting, through the end of the tour. The shops have provided crucial information to help us truly understand the areas needing improvement. We are very impressed with the team at Campus Feedback, they are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating.

CampusFeedback has allowed us to increase our level of service to students. Through an inexpensive and easy means of listening to recorded phone calls by professional shoppers the leadership team is able to monitor the phone skills of our team. We have used the calls to help our staff understand how they represent the College via the phone. We then follow up with coaching for any areas that may need improvement while celebrating our successes and sharing the best calls to encourage others to learn from their colleagues.

Bloomfield College decided to partner with CampusFeedback to continue to motivate our team to provide excellent customer service to our guests through their secret shopper phone and visit program.  Over the last few months, the CampusFeedback team has provided us with excellent service from start to finish and is quick to respond to take our ideas into consideration making sure they are tailoring their program to fit our needs.  The voice files and shop reports have been an added advantage for our team to help improve phone skills and provide clear and concise information.  CampusFeedback is helping Bloomfield College take customer service to the next level!

Our experience with CampusFeedback was exceptional. They are professional, reliable and a pleasure to do business with. We had used them on three separate occasions and found the detailed answers from the shoppers on the survey reports were extremely helpful and insightful. It’s a real pleasure to have a company like CampusFeedback stand behind its product both in quality and service. I know we’ll be definitely be using them again.