Welcome Back!

Thank you for being a valuable part of our team of secret shoppers. Click on the “LOGIN” button on this page to login to your shopper account to search for new assignments or to submit a completed report.

Shopper Login

Schedule Assignments

After logging in to your account, you may view available shops by clicking “Available Shops”. On the following screen, you can dictate the radius you want to search for available visits.

Submit Completed Reports

Please disable all pop-up blockers and only use Internet Explorer or Firefox to submit shop reports. Be sure to click “save and close” after completing each section. After all sections are complete, you will be able to ‘finalize’ your shop. Once you click finalize, it’s submitted. Note, a shop is only considered complete, once you have finalized it.


A valid receipt must be submitted with ALL reports and is required for payment. Payment will NOT be processed without a valid receipt. Receipts may be uploaded with your shop report online or faxed to the number provided in the shop instructions. If faxing receipts, please use the fax cover sheet provided online. Storage of receipts is the sole responsibility of each shopper.


Please check your profile and ensure that we have your correct PayPal email address. You can expect to receive payment within 30-45 days of submitting a valid shop report AND receipt. Please send an email to Payment@CampusFeedback.com with any questions or to update your payment information.


The Internal Revenue Service requires all independent contractors who receive a combined total of $600 or more from CampusFeedback to have a completed W9 on file. If you receive less than $600 annually from our company, you will not receive an end of year tax form.