Dear Admissions Leader,

  If you could truly put yourself in the shoes of a prospective student, how would you evaluate all the various experiences that make up the admissions process? CampusFeedback does just this by taking an “a la carte” twist on the secret shopping model; sending in actual prospective students to fill out detailed reports following … Continue reading Dear Admissions Leader,

Admissions Representatives Appreciation!

Applying to college is a process, and thankfully students have high school counselors to assist them with gathering their transcripts and letter of recommendations. But for some students deciding what colleges to apply to is even more difficult than completing the application. The normal student will attend multiple career fairs, and visit many colleges and universities to … Continue reading Admissions Representatives Appreciation!

Easily Identify Secret Shopper Scams!

The unfortunate truth is that the secret shopping industry, like many others, is susceptible to fraud. At CampusFeedback, we are committed to providing excellence in all areas of service we offer to our clients and secret shoppers. With this commitment, we want to make everyone aware that secret shopping scam companies are a real things and have … Continue reading Easily Identify Secret Shopper Scams!